• Raiders On The Move Club

    v  “Raiders On The Move” will consist of 10 6th grade students plus 10 NJHS club members

    Total numbers of members will be 20 with Counselors supervision

    Goals For The Program:

    Ø  help  6th graders feel welcomed

    Ø  help 6th graders make an easier transition to middle school

    Ø  help 6th graders around campus

    Ø  help 6th graders be more organized

    Ø  give 6th graders upper class “friends” to answer questions

    Ø  NJHS members will be a “big brother/sister”  for the selected 6th graders

    Ø  help 6th graders set goals

    Raiders On The Move Program End Results:

    Ø  reduce absences, truancies

    Ø  reduce failing grades

    Ø  reduce discipline referrals, suspensions

    Ø  reduce number of fights, and disruption in class

    Ø  reduce negative attitudes

    Other Program Benefits:

    Ø  improve leadership qualities

    Ø  promote positive self-esteem

    Ø  more pride in school

    Ø  promote a friendlier and safer school environment

    Ø  promote unity within the student population

    Ø  more respect for diversity