• Rules & Policies
    Rules of Conduct:  
          ·  Respect other ILC users by maintaining a low noise level;
          ·  Keep the ILC neat by disposing of trash properly, pushing in chairs, and 
             returning items and/or materials to their respective areas;
          ·  Follow District rules and policies including those regarding the use of
             electronic devices and dress code guidelines;
    Computer Use:

          ·  Students must obtain permission to use an ILC computer;

          ·  Computers are available for educational purposes only;

          ·  Chatting, games, music, or videos that are not directly related 
             to a class as
    signment will not be allowed as per HCISD policy;

          ·  Altering configurations and/or settings on District computers is 

          ·  Printing non-educational materials such as jokes, song lyrics, game 
             codes, etc. is prohibited;

          ·  Students who violate computer use guidelines will face disciplinary 

             ·  Students may check out no more than three books at a time for a two
             week period;
             ·  Late fees are five cents per day, per book, with a maximum fine of 
             $1.00 per book; 
          ·  All fees and/or fines must be paid before an additional item can be 
            checked out;
          ·  Reference materials are to be used in the ILC only and may not be
             checked out;
          ·  Periodicals may not be checked out by students. 
    ID Cards:

          ·  IDs photos may be taken on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school
    7:30 - 8:25 or after school from 3:32 - 4:00;       

          ·  An appointment may be scheduled to take an ID photo under special  

             ·  There will be a fee of $3.00 to for replacement ID cards.

          ·  Students are required to have a testing slip or a note from a teacher
             to test;
          ·  Students will sit in the designated testing area as directed by the 
          ·  Students may only use the materials indicated by the teacher
             on the testing 
    slip, and all other possessions must be placed away
             from the testing area;
          ·  Students must complete their test once they have begun unless
             otherwise indicated by the teacher;
          ·  Students must not communicate with others while testing;
          ·  Cell phones and/or other electronic devices, including iPods and
             mp3 players are 
    not to be used during testing.