• Secondary Alternative Center

    Transportation Information



     Harlingen CISD Secondary Alternative Center Transportation Guidelines


    Although Harlingen CISD is not obligated to provide SAC students with transportation, we would like to extend the option of transportation for SAC under the following rules and procedures:


    1. Students must observe the same conduct on the bus as in the classroom

    2. No profane language

    3. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum while on the bus

    4. All heads, hands and feet must remain inside the bus

    5. Do not throw anything out of the bus

    6. No tobacco products allowed on the bus

    7. Be courteous

    8. Keep bus clean

    9. Stay seated

    10. No destruction of any part of the bus allowed

    11. Cooperate with the bus driver (driver may re-assign seats as needed)


    Students who receive two written warnings for inappropriate conduct on the bus will immediately be denied transportation services.  The parent(s) will then be responsible for transporting the student to and from SAC.  This decision will be final and cannot be appealed.  More serious offenses that jeopardize the safety of the student, other students, and/or staff may result in immediate denial of transportation services.


    Harlingen CISD reserves the right to deny transportation for conduct classified as Expellable and Mandatory offenses that may jeopardize the safety of the student, other students, or staff members.