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    Email:     janet.cretors@hcisd.org
    Phone:   427-3220
            Homebound services are a very important support system for teen parents.  Through the Teen Parenting Program, girls have the opportunity for homebound services during the six weeks postpartum period.   The main goal of educational homebound is to provide a link between the student and the school so that the student can continue with her education during this recovery period.   This homebound period also allows necessary time for the teen mother and her infant to form the special mother-child bond. 

            While on homebound, students are provided with work from their classes and one-on-one visits from the homebound teacher for four hours a week.  This helps the students to keep current with their schoolwork and to facilitate a more successful return to campus.
            Students may contact their counselor for information about entering the Teen Parenting Program.  Mrs. Saenz, the Teen Parenting coordinator, will meet with the student and parents to enroll the student into the program.  Our Teen Parenting office is located at KEYS Academy, and the phone number is 427-3232.