SCHOOL PICTURE

                  School Highlights

    · Gutierrez Middle School is a safe learning educational environment with caring, compassionate teachers and staff.

    ·     Gutierrez Middle School continues to demonstrate "Academic Excellence" by being recognized by the Texas Educational Agency as one of the best school in the state.  

    ·     Gutierrez middle school incorporates technological advancements by providing a "Safe Zone" where students are encouraged to bring digital devices for classroom participation, as well as utilizing digital classrooms across different grade levels.  

    ·     Gutierrez Middle School believes that the success of every school starts with a strong partnership with parents and the community involvement. 

    ·     Gutierrez Middles School music department has been recognized as one of the best in the area.  

    Gutierrez Middle School has a strong tradition in athletics in which they have captured many district titles in both boys and girls athletics.



    At Gutierrez Middle School, our mission is to sustain a safe, nurturing environment in which the entire learning community addresses the unique developmental needs of early adolescents and collaborates freely to ensure every student develops confidence, competence, and independent capacity through rigorous curriculum and appropriate instruction.


    G.M.S. students will:  possess the confidence, enthusiasm and commitment central to their success and to a positive school environment; be actively involved in, and responsible for, their own learning; respect themselves, each other and core community values; recognize the importance of teamwork and friendship which support the values of freedom, individuality, determination, tolerance, respect and generosity; will develop the knowledge, character and leadership skills needed to be successful in the 21st century.