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Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Harlingen CISD Financial Transparency & Accountability
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(A summary report on our annual audit report created for our public users.) 
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 GFOA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting
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2017 Fiscal Year M&O 1.170 I&S .14800 = $1.31800 Total
 Prior Years:
2016 Fiscal Year M&O 1.17    I&S .14800 = $1.318000 Total 
2015 Fiscal Year M&O 1.04    I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total 
2014 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total 
2013 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total 
2012 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total
2011 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .17900 = $1.219000 Total
2010 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .08500 = $1.125000 Total
2009 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .08500 = $1.125000 Total
2008 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04   I&S .08500 = $1.125000 Total
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Harlingen CISD has earned the Platinum Leadership CircleAward by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. This award is presented tothe District for their Financial Transparency and Accountability webpagelocated on the District’s main webpage. This is the second year the Districthas been awarded for their “Transparency” which allows the District to sharewith its taxpayers a clear picture of our financial information. Beginning thisyear, the District is also presenting debt information on its long-termobligations and a pledge to continue to present to the public any future bondissuances. This additional presentation has enabled the District to be awardedthe Comptroller’s newest Platinum Leadership Circle Award for 2014.

The Comptroller’s Office designates different levels oftransparency awards to government entities based on a score criteria sheetranging from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Platinum designee helpshighlight organizations that “go above and beyond providing financial transparencyin local government.” Texas ComptrollerLeadership Circle 2014

Platinum Member Gold Award