Counselors Corner

    As Milam Elementary’s school counselor, my goal is to provide every student with the resources and tools they need to promote a positive learning environment in the school. My goal is to empower all students in their personal, social, academic, and career development. With the help of our teachers, parents, administrators, nurses, and staff, students will be prepared with the skills they need in order to be problem solvers, critical thinkers, and outstanding citizens of our community. Along with that, they will have the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to succeed as life long learners.


    I Believe …

    vEach student has the right to learn.

    vEach teacher has the right to teach.

    vNo student shall keep other students from learning or keep teachers from teaching.

    vStudents are accountable for their behavior.



    6 Pillars of Character Education









    My counseling services…


    vAre available to every student.

    vAre age-appropriate.

    vAre preventative and responsive.

    vMonitors student progress and following through.

    vhas a delivery system that includes school guidance curriculum,

    vindividual planning, responsive services, and system support.

    vMonitors student progress and following through.



    Attention Milam Students!!   Did you know that the counselors…


    vListens to me when I talk about my feelings?

    vTalks with me about my classroom and school work?   

    vEncourages me to be a person of character. 

    v Someone who is respectful, trustworthy, fair, and caring?

    v Helps groups of children? 

    v Visits with my class to teach guidance lessons? 

    v Works with teachers to help with student achievement?

    vWorks with families? 



    Attention Milam Parents!! Did you know???

    A school counselor can...

    vMeet with a child who was referred to the counselor by themselves, their parents, their teacher, or an administrator.

    vHelp children express and deal with feelings of grief regarding the death of a family member, friend, or pet. Provide a safe, confidential environment for children to talk about an issue they are having.

    vHelp children resolve conflicts with peers.

    vInclude children in small groups on a variety of topics.

    vTeach guidance lessons in the classroom on a variety of topics

    v Assists parents and teachers in helping children

    vTeaches classroom guidance

    v Provides individual and small group counseling

    vConsults with outside agencies


    Attention Milam Elementary!!Did you know???

    Our students may see the School Counselor for…

    vFriendship concerns

    vChanges in the family

    v New situations 

    vDifficult decisions

    vAcademic concerns

    vDeath or illness 

    vSuccess and accomplishments 

    v Family concerns 

    vDealing with angry feelings and behaviors  

    v Happy occasions ( Birthdays)

    vTest anxiety