• Classroom Policy

    Be prompt.

    Be prepared.

    Be respectful of yourself, others and others’ property.

    Be attentive and follow directions.


    World History is an exciting and demanding subject to study.  To benefit fully from this class our time together needs to be maximized.  The expectation for this class is that you will behave as persons becoming adults.  In other words, you should strive to act as a responsible adult.  Failure to act in this manner will be addressed in class at my discretion.  My expectation and hope is that there will be no reason to refer any student.  Should you choose to break a rule or character value, you have CHOSEN to EARN the consequence of that action.



    Good behavior should always be its own reward.  Good behavior is rewarded every day by a sense of accomplishment and learning.  In the interest of re-enforcing good behavior, I will give praise and congratulations as earned.  Classroom behavior will also count toward the class participation grade.  Various other positive perks are to be developed by the teacher/instructor and class through the year.


    Class Attendance and Behavior

    Classroom behavior is based on the Character Values for Our Early College High School Community.  These character values are posted in the classroom.  A student who is not in the classroom when the bell sounds, is considered either late or tardy.  The requirements of this course are such that class and instruction time need to be maximized.  Late arrival and/or failure to attend take this time away from the student and the class as a whole.  If there is a reason for the tardiness or non-attendance, please let me know.  Chronic tardiness or non-attendance will be considered a violation of character values and referred to the Principal. You should be in class at the bell and stay till the end of class.  The instructor dismisses the class – not the bell.  If you must leave for some reason, inform the instructor ahead of time and leave class unobtrusively.


    Homework and Assignments

    As a general rule, homework will be reading assignments and entrance tickets with most, if not all, enrichment activities done in the classroom.  The reading required by this course is essential to success and will be assessed by Quizzes, Chapter Outlines, Chapter Summaries or other assessments that will count toward the grade for the course.  If you do not know the information in the chapter being studied you will not be able to participate in the class and that will affect your participation grade.  It will also affect your and your classmate’s classroom experience


    Absence from the Classroom

    Absence from the classroom will be handled according to HCISD and ECHS policy.  Days to make up assignment will equal the days missed.  Points will be deducted for unexcused late assignments.






    Classroom Procedures

    As a teacher/instructor, I intend to run an efficient and smooth running classroom. This is for your benefit.  To achieve this, I have established a few simple procedures. As a student, it is your responsibility to learn and perform these procedures. Through these procedures, we will have a more organized and effective learning experience.


    A.    Arriving and Entering the Classroom

    When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) you should not disturb the class.  Join the class without fanfare.  Upon entering the room, you will check for any handout(s) or other information that may be placed in the assigned area. You should then get anything you need from around the room without causing a ruckus. Once seated, check the designated whiteboard for the day's warm-up/bell-ringer exercise.  The class begins as soon as you arrive.


    B.     Warm-up/Bell-ringer

    The general rule is that the class period will begin with a warm-up/bell-ringer. You will find the warm-up in the upper right hand portion of the whiteboard opposite the entry. This activity should be started as soon as you enter the room whether the bell has rung or not. The Warm-up/Bell-ringer will involve short exercises that may or may not relate to the class work for the day.  This activity is required and is considered part of your participation grade; from time to time you may be required to hand in the Warm-up/Bell-ringer work product; a copy should always be placed in your notebook/binder.


    C.     Late Arrival

    The rules for counting absences:  Block Schedule – When the bell rings you are tardy, 10 minutes after the tardy bell you are ABSENT.  When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) you should not disturb the class.  If you have a pass, give it to me after the class is over or when I request it.  Join the class without fanfare.


    D.    Dismissal or Leaving the Class

    Just as with arrival and entering the class, I, not the bell, dismiss the class.  You are expected to stay on task until dismissed.


    E.     Coming to Attention

    When I need to quiet the class, I will raise my hand and/or indicate verbally that I want your attention. When you see this you are expected to stop what you are doing, look at me, and focus on what I have to say.


    F.      Bathroom Policy

    A bathroom break should be reserved for an emergency.  There will be a clipboard at the door that will act as a pass to leave the class.  You will sign in and sign out.  Please do not abuse this privilege.


    G.    Attendance

    Attendance in the classroom is very important to succeed in meeting the goals of this class.  So, all material presented and assigned is fair game for exams and other assessment; compensating for missed lectures and class work is recommended and is your responsibility. If required, class work missed will be made up outside of class time.  Changes in course procedures, modifications to lectures, activities, other assignments and class work, and due date changes may be made in class.  Whatever happens in class is binding on the entire class whether or not you are present. 


    Procedures may be modified by the instructor with or without class inputs.