• Checking Out Books at Dishman ILC

    • Books may be checked out by students for one week at a time.
    • The same book may be re-checked for a total of a two week period. 
    • Students are allowed to exchange books every day if needed.
    • Kinder through Second Grade Students may check out 1 book at a time.
    • Third through Fifth Grade Students may check out 3 books at a time.
    • Checkouts are allowed only to students who remember to return borrowed books.

    Lost and Damaged Books

    • Student is responsible for the book(s) checked out.
    • Student is responsible for paying for lost or damaged book(s).
    • Student’s check out privileges will be suspended until debts are paid.

    If the book is found and returned within the school year, a refund will be given to the student and check out privileges will resume.

    If a student damages a book, the Library Media Specialist will assess the cost of the damage to the book.  Check out privileges will be suspended until the damage fine is paid.