• In order for a senior to graduate, they must have performed a minimum of 200 hours of Community Service.  At ECHS we are working hard to provide volunteer opportunities through the school, such as the HCISD Health and Wellness Kick Off, canned food drives, jean drives, book drives and other special events.  Students are also encouraged to arrange volunteer projects based on their interests, future educational and occupational interests, and philanthropic or religious interests. 

    If a student begins in their Freshman year, they can break the hours down to 50 hours a school year, which makes in much more manageable. 

    The hours must be verified by a responsible party, such as a supervisor, manager, team leader, or teacher.  Each student has a file folder in his/her AVID class where they may store their Community Service Log for safe keeping.  The folders are located in the AVID classroom.
    Class of 2017:  18,453 total hours turned in.
    Click on either of the two links below
    http://www.studentseries/sctx - This is our Pennies for Pasta partner...they are offering 1 hour of community service for every day that you post on Social Media.  You also get 1 hour for creating a Student Account...post through your account and the community service hours will add up!!!