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    College Start Options

    College Start provides students at HCISD a great opportunity to begin earning college credits and the ability to test and prove their college readiness while still enrolled in high school. HCISD offers three options that are described below. Students and parents should discuss the College Start options with their high school counselor.

    Concurrent Enrollment
    This option allows students to enroll at a post-secondary institution and earn college credit. The course(s) may be eligible to transfer as a high school course and receive credit. Since all courses are subject to change without notice it is best to discuss this option with your counselor before enrolling in a course. Student must request the transfer of credit in writing and have an official transcript sent from their college to the high school.
    *Notes for Concurrent Enrollment Courses:
     Interested students must be enrolled in at least four (4) high school courses per term at a HCISD high school campus in order to be eligible. Students in the 12th grade receiving a grade of “B” or better may be able to fulfill one of the measures for the Distinguished Achievement Program.
     Concurrent enrollment credits are not calculated for ranking or GPA purposes even if it transfers as a high school credit. Any correspondence with the institution or faculty member is strictly the responsibility of the student, and students must provide their own transportation, pay tuition, and others fees at the institution.
    Dual Credit Option
    The dual credit option allows students to earn college credit with courses that have been approved for high school credit. The tables below identify courses from the local institutions that have been approved. Check with your high school counselor for the latest approved courses since all courses are subject to change without notice.

    Dual Enrollment Campus Contact 
    Please contact Mrs. Nora Atkinson or Ms. Monica Villanueva-Dual Enrollment Counselors for more information.  More information can be found in the Course Description book, http://www.hcisd.org/Page/5501