All student record requests should be made by contacting the last campus attended directly with the exception of Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School-South.

    Records requests for Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School-South should be made using the online Parchment request service. Please see below for the link to each campus.
    Harlingen High School                  
    Harlingen High School-South         
    If a student attended Grade 9 or higher at Harlingen High School or Harlingen High School-South (including Alamo 9th grade campus), the record (transcript) should be at the campus.


    Records (cumulative folder) for students that attended Harlingen CISD  and withdrew prior to completing grade 8 are available for 5 years following the date of the student's withdrawal.


    Records for students (Pre-K through Grade 8)  that have withdrawn within the last five years will  be at the last campus attended.
    The parents of a student may request the school records until the student reaches the age of 18.
     Parents may request the student records of a student that has reached the age of 18 if the student is a dependent for tax purposes. 
    Whenever a student has attained 18 years of age the rights accorded to, and consent required of transfer from the parents to the student. 
    A form of identification will be required when requesting school records.