• Grades 9-12
    Here you'll find lesson plans on energy efficiency and renewable energy for grades 9-12.
    Biomass Energy
    • Biofuel Production
    • The Biofuel Project: Creating Bio-diesel
    • Investigating and Using Biomass Gases
    • Renewable Energy Plants in Your Gas Tank: From Photosynthesis to Ethanol 
    Energy Basics
    • Secondary Energy Infobook
    • Thermodynamics Teacher Guides
    • Computer-Based Energy Projects
    • Energy Analysis 
    Energy Efficiency and Conservation
    • Take the Energy Action Challenge
    • Energy Efficiency Ambassadors
    • Energy Walkabout
    • Solar Building Design
    • Watt Does It Cost To Use It? 
    • Energy Awareness Quiz
    • How Big Is Your Footprint?
    • Global Warming and Climate Change 
    Solar Energy
    • Solar Cooking
    • Mini Rockets
    • Photovoltaics: Solar Electricity
    • Photovoltaics Teacher Guides
    • Renewable Energy and Photovoltaics
    • Survival Still
    • What Does the Sun Give Us? 
    Transportation Fuels
    • Transportation Fuels: The Future is Today
    • Transportation Fuels Rock Performances 
    Wind Energy
    • Building the Basic PVC Wind Turbine
    • Wind Power
    • Scale Models and Wind Turbines
    • See the Wind