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                                Digital Fifth Grade Mathematics Classroom
    The fifth grade math class is designated as a digital classroom.  The fifth graders are engaged with iPads.  The students use Edmodo (an educational social network similar to Facebook) to respond to blogs, quizzes or polls.  An app the the students enjoy is Socrative.  Mrs. Munoz uses Socrative to check for current understanding, feelings about learning, and questions the students might have about the assignment. The fifth grade students love to create and explain math problems on the App Educreations where they can view and listen to themselves.
          Technology has allowed access to the world and  provides many resources to teachers and students. We live in a high tech world with the Internet, World Wide Web, search engines, smart phones and social media that puts people in touch with information instantly.  The world is changing rapidly and the skills our students need to succeed in the 21st Century need to be nurtured. The Harlingen School District welcomes technology into the classrooms especially with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative this year.
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