• Mission
    The mission of the Moises Vela Middle School Library is to support student academic and personal interests and collaborate with instructional personnel in a way that positively impacts student success so that students and staff reach their potential as life-long learners and discriminating consumers of information.

    In the MVMS Library, our focus is on Achievement...

    Access is provided on a flexible schedule so that learning takes place continuously and when needed.

    Collaboration takes place between classroom teachers and library staff.

    Hours of access are provided before, during and after school.

    It's the hub of the school.

    Enough professional and technical staff are on hand to meet the needs of the students.

    Varied collection that reflects the curriculum and society in general.

    Energetic, inviting library atmosphere creating a learning laboratory that includes: a reference area;
         a computer area; an instruction area.
    Multiple, up-to-date technologies supporting Internet access, automated circulation
         and catalog, multimedia production, access to an area for group instruction in technology.

    Enthusiastic, kid-loving library staff who encourages and supports reading and learning.

    New books and other print materials of a wide variety that encourage and support reading
         and learning.
    Teacher-Librarians who teach the information process, understand the uses of technology,
         select and use a wide variety of materials, work in partnership with classroom teachers
         to utilize materials, information and information technology.
    "Achievement" courtesy of Belinda Boon, Texas State Library & Archives Commission, 1997.
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    Students that would like to visit during class time, will need to arrive with a Library/Media Center Student Pass, signed by their Teacher with the purpose of the visit and the date and time. Otherwise they will be sent back to class.  No more than 6 students from 1 class are permitted to visit at one time.

    • Students
      • Books: Students may check out two book at a time, each for a 2 week period.
      • Audio: Students may check out one audio book at a time, for a 1 week period.
      • Video: Students currently are not able to check out videos.
      • Total check-outs for a student are no more than two (total) items at a time.
      • A book may be re-checked once for an additional 2 weeks. After the second 2 weeks, it must be turned in to allow others the opportunity to check it out.
    • Faculty & Staff
      • Books for classroom use: 30 book maximum for a 2 week time period.
      • Books for personal use: Policy matches that of student checkouts.
      • Audio: Two item maximum for a 4 week time period.
      • Videos: One week check out, limited to 3 videos at a time. A filled out and approved Video Usage Form must be taped on the window of the classroom door where the video is shown.  Board Policy restricts film ratings in middle school to G and PG movies for instructional purposes. Any exceptions to the usage guidelines described required prior school administrative approval and signed Parental Permission Form.
    • The following items are available for use while in the Library: Magazines and Reference materials.

    Late Fees-

    • Late fees are 10¢ per day per item.
    • Late fees must be paid in full before the student is permitted to check out another book.
    • The maximum late fine per item per check-out is $1.00.
    • If the book is not returned, the fine is equal to the replacement cost of the item.
    • Students will not be allowed to participate in reward activities if they owe a fine.
    • Damage Fees
      • If a book is returned damaged, the student is financially responsible and will be assessed a damage fee.
      • Students will not be allowed to participate in reward activities if they owe a fine.
      • The amount of the fee varies based on the amount of damage and the reparability of the book, ranging from 10%-100% of the cost of the book.
      • "Damage" includes but is not limited to torn or folded pages, writing in or on the book, damage to the cover or binding, or foreign substances such as liquids or drinks, food, gum, mud or dirt, stickers, or adhesives on or in the book.

    Computer Use-

    • Students must have a District Computer Use form, signed by a parent and the student, on file, before they are allowed to use a computer with Internet access, as stated in District policy.
    • Computers in the Library/Media Center will be used for educational purposes only on a first come, first served basis. Games, pictures, music or videos that are not directly related to a class assignment will not be allowed.
    • During their computer use in the Library/Media Center the student will be held responsible for their actions while at the computer and will be expected to adhere to the guidelines of the Acceptable Use Policy. 


    • Students may print up to 10 pages from the media center printer at no charge.
    • Each additional page will be printed at a cost of 5¢ per page.
    • Printing of non-educational materials is not permitted (i.e., jokes, song lyrics, graphics or graphics, love poems, game codes, etc.)
    Harlingen CISD’s Department of Library Services is proud to offer our students access to digital reading devices. The use of such devices is a privilege and carries with it the need for responsible student use. These devices are valued at approximately $200 each. As such, we will require parental permission before a Nook Color or Nook Tablet can be checked out to a student. Each device is enclosed in a protective cover, but still requires careful use. The check out period for the device is one week.
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