• Access Resources
    Step Three: Resource Retrieval
  • Access information from appropriate, reputable resources. Use Information Literacy Center resources as much as possible as they have been vetted by your Library Media Specialists. Databases have been peer reviewed for accuracy, relevancy, and currency. They are updated frequently.
    • Use search engines effectively by using specific keywords. Consider synonyms in related topics in order to narrow searches to precisely identify what meets your needs. Consider using a Boolean search, which uses "or," "and," and sometimes "not" to differentiate between potential keywords. 
                      For example, "felines" and "lions" and "tigers" not "house cats." 
                      Another example: "discrimination" or "racism" and "segregation"
    Teacher's Notes
    • Consider having students perform a guided practice for searching. They will need to be able to identify key words and potential synonyms. An orientation in the ILC may be the best way to learn this method. A Library Media Specialist can incorporate this into an orientation or a collaboration. 

  • Review the internet tutorial.