Step Four: Resource Evaluation 
    • Evaluate each potential resource for accuracy of information and relevancy to both historical and current periods. 
    • Determine if your resources meet the criteria your teacher set forth in the assignment description. 
    • Conduct any interview or survey, if required. 
    • Determine how your teacher is requiring proof of research. Some teachers accept note cards. Others prefer highlighted print-outs. Most instructors requiring MLA style research projects allow for students to copy and paste the pertinent information including the citation into a Word document, which can be either printed or emailed to the instructor. For APA style research projects, an annotated bibliography is the accepted form for identifying information that will be included in the project. 


    Teacher's Notes
    • Consider having your student practices evaluating websites on the internet. Your Library Media specialist can facilitate this task. Allowing students the opportunity to view websites that you have pre-selected as valid and invalid will help them recognize the importance of this task. This will save you valuable time as they conduct research tasks.