• Collection Management

    * Determined by campus LMS in conjunction with administration and faculty

    For more details, please visit the School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas. (document page 16-17) There are four levels of program development: Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable, and Below Standard.  Set goals with your campus administration and site based team to determine the level of program development desired for your campus ILC.
    Acceptable Program Development
    * Elementary and Secondary campuses submit their own book and supplies orders following their campus based protocols. 

    * Budgeted items from Library Services 874 accounts will be ordered through the Department of Library Services.

    Processing and Cataloging

    * Elementary and Secondary campuses process their own orders using district standards as provided on specs to vendors.

    Weeding and Inventory
    * HCISD CREW Weeding Cycle
    * Goal: inventory section covered by CREW Weeding cycle annually.