• End of Year ReportBudget
    Budget Reports
    * BEGINNING OF YEAR: Current budget reports will be sent to each LMS and principal upon approval by the board.
    * BUDGET UPDATES: From time to time the Department of Library Services will update each LMS with a budget status report. If you need a current report at other times, please ask your campus secretary to assist you in this matter.
    * END OF YEAR: LMSs will work with the Department of Library Services to complete budget requests for the coming year. The Coordinator of Library Services will submit all budget forms to the Business Office.

    Transfer of Funds
    *From time to time it will be necessary to submit a transfer of funds form to move funds from one account to another within your ILC budget. When this is necessary, please use the Transfer of Funds template provided by the Business Office.
    Budget Preparation Forms
    Proposed Budget Item Sheet (individual item)
    Budget Recap (recap of several individual sheets)

    End of Year Report (Click Here)