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Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Child Nutrition   
  HACCP Checklist
Data Systems 
  System Access Requests
Elementary Education  
Transfer Request Form - Application for Student Open Enrollment (.pdf)
Enrollment Report (.xls)
Parent Permission - Outside Agency Working with Child (.doc)
Permission to Act As Parent (.doc)
Grade Placement Forms Online
Data Systems  

Become a HCISD Volunteer
Directory Information: Notice to Parents
      Parent Objection for Release of Directory Information
      Parent Objection for Release of Student Information for School-Sponsored Purposes
      Parent Objection for Release of Student Information to Military Recruiters and
          Institutions of Higher Education
District Calendars       
Public Information Requests
Generic Public Information Requests Costs Form (.xls)
KRONOS Administrative Procedures
KRONOS Administrative Procedures Receipt
KRONOS Time Managers Log, (Excel) Human Resources Department
KRONOS Time Adjustment Form, (pdf) Human Resources Department
District Mileage Log, (.xls)
District Improvement Plan, (.pdf)
Campus Improvement Plans
Direct Deposit Form, Payroll Department
Cancellation Form, Payroll Department (.pdf)
Change of Address Notification, Payroll Department (.pdf)
Volunteer Oath of Confidentiality Form (.pdf)
 District CQ (AUP) Policy
       CQ Policies - Legal (.pdf)
       CQ Policies - Local - English and Spanish (.pdf)
       CQ Policies - Procedures (.pdf)
       Exhibit A for Elementary - English and Spanish
       Exhibit A for Secondary - English and Spanish
       Exhibit C - English and Spanish (.pdf) 
       Exhibit D - English and Spanish (.pdf)
         Addendum for Student Use of Personal Technology Devices

School Safety Patrol Certificate
K9 Request Form (.pdf)
GT Skills Check List
Division of Instruction
       Request to be placed on Principals' Agenda (.doc)
       Request to be placed on Instructional Administration Meeting Agenda (.doc)
Regular Board Meeting
       Agenda Sheet (.doc)
HCISD Payroll Schedules          
HCISD Payroll Policies and Procedures (.pdf)
HCISD Payroll Procedures Manual (.pdf)
TAC Proposed Item for Submission (.pdf)
DEIC Proposed Agenda Item (.doc)
Custodial Department 
Custodial Evaluation Form(.xls)
Maintenance Evaluation Form(.xls)

Federal Programs
Guidance and Counseling Forms(.pdf)
Edgenuity Course Completion Form
New Course Entry Form
Request for New Course Flowchart
Human Services
HCISD Pay Schedules
HCISD Employment Policies
HCISD Employee Handbook
Request for Leave Form  Click here to view Instructions
New Pathways Center  
NPC Referral Form
NPC Referral Letter
Special Programs

Technology Center
Technology Forms and Documents
Special Education

ARD Supplement for Personal Care Services (.doc)
ARD Guide English  
ARD Guide Spanish 
ARD Guide Addendum Spanish (.pdf)
ARD Guide Addendum English (.pdf)
Aviso Sobre Procedimientos de Proteccion (.pdf)
Procedural Safeguards
School Health and Related Services (SHARS) Program (.doc)
School Health and Related Services (SHARS) Program (Spanish) (.doc)

Staff Development

Workday Exchange Form with Guidelines


 Summer Programs


Middle School 
High School