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    Hi!!  My name is Veronica Torres, Sam Houston’s Reading teacher, and I am really glad to welcome you and your child to my classroom this year. I graduated from the University of Texas at Brownsville with a masters in Reading. I have been teaching in the elementary grades for thirteen years.   I enjoy teaching and watching the future of our students unfold right before my very eyes.

    I am looking forward to meet as well as know each and every student of my class. I am planning activities to develop the student's creative skills and interests. I hope to make this academic year, an educational as well as a fun-filled year for the students.

    If you would like to meet me to discuss your child’s performance or any other problems that he/she is facing in Reading, you can feel free to meet me during my conference, between 10:00-10:40. It will be appreciated if you inform me a day prior to prepare for the meeting. Apart from this, you can also email me at veronica.torres@hcisd.org to discuss any concern you have about your child.





    Veronica Torres


    Reading Teacher


    Sam Houston Elementary