• School Highlights

    •  Treasure Hills strives to bring a sense of family to every classroom and room.
    •  We strive to promote a positive attitude and common commitment to our True North.

    •  Our educators enrich the curriculum with unique learning experiences.
    •  We embrace and collaborate with community stakeholders.

    •  Community visibility and accessibility are a priority at THE


    Misson, Vision, and Core Values


    Treasure Hills Elementary will provide educational excellence for all students by cultivating in them the educational and socio-emotional skills necessary to excel in college, career and/or the workforce. Treasure Hills Elementary will provide students with the essentials for a meaningful and successful life.


    Treasure Hills Elementary will strive to become a world-class school, where students will develop the foundational knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to prepare them for success in junior high, high school and eventually college and/or a career in the 21st Century.

    THE Core Values

    Treasure Hills Elementary Staff is committed and dedicated to:

    • Embracing and adopting the Growth Mindset for ourselves, our students, and our campus.

    • Staying Positive and Solution-focused at all times.

    • Understanding the importance of preparedness, punctuality, and proactivity.

    • Adding value to all of our students. (Did they leave your classroom better than they were when they got there?)