Jefferson Elementary

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Jefferson Elementary
Jefferson Elmentary is located at 601 North J street in Harlingen, Texas.
The principal is Mrs. Alejandra Lara and the assistant principal is Mrs. Antonia Salas.
It has 23 teachers serving approximately 326 students. It is a campus full of pride!
Students know they are the "best in the state of Texas!"
Campus Highlights  

·      Best in the state of Texas!  Our students have tiger pride and will convince you they are the best in the state of Texas. 

·      Golden Rule- Students live by the golden rule because they are proud to be a Jefferson tiger.

·      Competitive- Our students participate in Boys and Girls Club sports leagues and always come out on top! Our students also were #1 in U.I.L. small school division.

·      Community Involvement- Students give back to the community as they collect canned goods through our Little Drummer Boy Event.  The school choir also performs during civic events.

·      Technology- Jefferson has digital classrooms and a fully equipped ILC where students demonstrate 21st century learning.