• Dr. Rodriguz Elementary Front View
    Our Vision
    The future of our students is greatly influenced by the challenges they face in our classrooms.  It is, therefore, our civic duty and responsibilty to ensure that all students at Dr. Rodriguez Elementary are prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow.  Through our high expectations for student achievement and by fostering a positive environment, our students can and will succeed.
    Mission Statement
    The faculty and staff at Dr. Rodriguez Elementary support and promote the motto, "Let no one hold you back from from entering these doors of opportunity."  It is our belief that students can acquire a strong desire to learn and succeed to the fullest extent of their individual abilities.  Our students have the opportunity to develop the ability to think logically, independently, creatively and to communicate effectively.
    1. Maintain a safe and secure learning environment for all students.
    2. Embrace and support meaningful involvement of parents and the community in the education of our students.
    3. Employ highly effective teachers, principals, and staff that are committed to achieving the mission of HCISD.
    4. Create a learning organization that ensures high quality instruction, resulting in rigorous academic knowledge and skills for all students.
    5. Inspire students to pursue their passion into secondary education.