Memorial Middle School

Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District

Memorial Middle School
800 Students
100 Teachers and Staff
Alex Gonzalez
Virginia Cecilio
Adrian Soliz
Assistant Principals
Campus Highlights
Our campus is the flagship campus for an Anti-Bullying Program. We initiated the program and continue to improve the program through committee decisions with the intent of providing a safe and bully-free campus.
Our students excel in our academic, fine arts, and athletic programs. Many of them reaching regional or state honors.
Our campus received six Academic Distinctions on STAAR 2014, more than any other secondary campus.
Our campus is equipped with state-of-the-art security to provide our students and staff with a safe and secure environment.
Our students receive a challenging and dynamic curriculum. We are the flagship campus for formative assessments, a concept where the instruction is rolled out with “the end in mind.”
Teachers embrace the BYOD concept and incorporate modern technology to entice and stimulate student minds.