1. When will UTRGV classes begin?

    Current ECHS Juniors will begin to take classes at UTRGV in the Fall Semester of 2018.

    2. Will there be support for Seniors to continue their education after graduation?

    ECHS will continue to support Senior students in the transition to their post-secondary education. This will include information to a wide variety of colleges, universities, fields of study, and career pathways. 

    3. Can students take TSTC & UTRGV classes during the summer of 2018?

    A course sequence has been created predominantly for the Fall and Spring Semester of 2018-2019. 

    4. Will credits be transferred from TSTC to UTRGV?

    Credits will be transferred from TSTC to UTRGV in accordance with the UTRGV course equivalency transfer guidelines. 

    5. Will students complete an Associate Degree or a Certification?

    ECHS students enrolled at UTRGV will have the opportunity to complete the Academic Core with an option to follow an Engineering or Education pathway. 

    6. Will students take the UTRGV shuttle to Brownsville or be provided a teleconference style classroom?

    Options for facilitating UTRGV classes are currently in the planning phase and will be shared with students & parents in the Spring. 

    7. Where will students be attending UTRGV courses?

    Students will attend UTRGV classes in Harlingen and Brownsville.

    8. Will students be taking any courses at TSTC?

    Because of the changes within the TSTC system, academic courses will not be offered beyond Summer 2018, however technical pathways with TSTC may be available. 

    9. Will tutoring be provided at ECHS and UTRGV?

    Yes, tutoring will be provided at ECHS and UTRGV.

    10. What will schedules look like?

    ECHS student class schedules will be dependent on student course requests and applicable graduation requirements. 

    11. Will core classes transfer to other universities?

    Students who complete the Academic Core, as defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), may receive credit for course work at Texas public universities. Students who do not complete the Academic Core curriculum as defined by the THECB may be required to satisfy further core requirements of the receiving institution. (See THECB Sec.61.822(d)). 

    12. Is it too late for a current Junior students to enter the Education or Engineering pathway?

    Current Junior students (Class of 2019) will have the opportunity to pursue either the Education or Engineering pathways at UTRGV. 

    13. Will ECHS be relocated?

    ECHS will utilize current facilities and will work in conjunction with TSTC and UTRGV to ensure facilities are aligned with the needs of the campus. 

    14. Will more information be shared with parents?

    Yes, district and campus personnel are working diligently to faciliitate the transition. Information will be shared with students and parents via our webpage & messaging systems. Please visit this page for the most up-to-date information!