Dr. Jose Luis Cavazos


    Director of Parental Involvement/Dropout Prevention
    Email :      jose.cavazos@hcisd.org


    HCISD Parental Involvement /Dropout Prevention
    310 N. 13th St Harlingen, TX 78550
    Phone (956) 427-3515
    Fax: (956) 427-3565
      Mrs. Zulema Nyquist, Secretary
      Email: zulema.nyquist@hcisd.org 
      Telephone: (956)427-3515

    The Harlingen School District’s Parental Involvement/Dropout Prevention Program is responsible for providing the community with programs that keep parents involved in their child’s education and students making education their priority. The program consists of several departments that strive to make education the key to success. The Attendance Officers monitor the district’s daily attendance, graduation rate, dropout rate, and completion rate. Parent Educators supervise parent centers on each campus, involving parents to volunteer and take interest in their children’s school. The New Directions, 9th Grade Success Initiative and New Horizons Programs are implemented at our middle schools and high schools and keep students’ interest in education a priority in life. The intake center processes district personnel student transfers as well as Experience HCISD renewals, home school paperwork, new to the District students and address verification. The Harlingen C.I.S.D Clothes Closet is a resource available for HCISD students and their families. The Family Learning Centers are located in five housing developments in Harlingen. They provide tutoring services to the residents and neighborhood children. For more information please contact Dr. Jose Luis Cavazos at (956) 427-3515 or by email jose.cavazos@hcisd.org.


    Miss Sylvia Gonzalez, Family Engagement Outreach Specialist

    Mrs. Dominga Briones, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Cristina Castaneda, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Mary Lou Castillo, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Nely Elizarraraz, Parent Educators

    Mrs. Irma Herrera, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Gabby Lara, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Maria Lara, Parent Educator

    Ms. Jessa Rodriguez, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Connie Mejia, Parent Educator

    Mrs. Veronica Montalvo, Parent Educator

    Ms. Elia Araujo, Attendance Officer

    Mr. Jose A. Cardenas, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Elizabeth Cortez, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Diana Flores, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Rosa Lopez, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Terry Martinez, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Corina Pizano, Attendance Officer

    Mr. Sem Vargas, Attendance Officer

    Mrs. Sandra Rhodes, Intake Center Admissions Clerk

    Mrs. Anna Cruz, Residency Verification Officer

    Mrs. DeAnna Reyes, New Directions Counselor/Coordinator

    Mrs. Yolanda Arrona, New Directions Student Liaison Officer

    Mrs. Rose Villarreal, 9th Grade Success Initiative Counselor

    Mrs. Celia Garcia, Ninth Grade Success Initiative Student Liaison Officer

    Ms. Patsy Sanchez, Social Worker

     Legal Notice

     The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, disability, or any other legally protected status in employment or provision of services, programs, or activities.

    El distrito escolar de Harlingen no discrimina en base a raza, color, origen de nacionalidad, edad, religión, sexo, discapacidad, o cualquier otro estado legalmente protegido en el empleo o en la prestación de servicios, programas o actividades.