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    Form Name
    A/V Request for Special Circumstances
    This form is used to request A/V equipment for special activities or events on campus ILC
    Board Agenda Item Form Please use this form when submitting agenda items Principal
    AUP/Bring Your Own Device: Policy, Procedures,
    Classroom Form,
    Student Addendum  
    Bring Your Own Device initiative guidelines at HHS-South and associated paperwork.  Completed forms should be submitted to the ILC.  Associate Principal 
    Bus Request Form This form is a duplicate copy and can be picked up in the secretary's office
    Cap / Gown Form This form is the Collegiate Cap & Gown Form for teachers participating as Marshals during Graduation. AP - Attendance
    Cash Receipt Form(.xlsx)
    Cash Deposit Form(.xlsx)
    Form must be completed prior to submitting a deposit for a Club. A receipt from the Club receipt book must be attached.  Deposits will be accepted 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday, except on the day preceding a holiday.  Pre-holiday deposits must be made by 2:00pm.  Checks must include issuer's driver's license number.  Expect to wait while the deposit is counted and receipted.  Bookkeeper
    Check Request Form
    Complete the form for check requests. Obtain the club sponsor and treasurer signatures. Bookkeeper
    Class Sponsor / Officer Signature Sheet Complete and Send a copy to the Bookkeeper and AP for Student Activities AP - Student Activities
    Class Textbook Record Textbook checks must be documented each quarter. AP - Student Activities
    Community Service Log
    For Student Organizations to Record their Community Service Hours throughout the Year and use for HB5 Accountability ReportingAP - Student Activities 
    Competition Travel Checklist
    Use the checklist provided to help you follow the proper procedures Principal
    Criminal History Record Form
    If your club/organization will be having an event which will require parent volunteers/chaperones they will need to submit a Criminal Background check. This is required every 6 months. AP - Student Activities
    Donation Form This form is used when money is donated for student activity accounts.    Bookkeeper 
    Electronic Media Use Form See: E - Instruction Department of Library Services; Board Policy Code CY (Legal) (Local); Use for showing videos, etc. ILC (Library)
    Facilities Request Form
    1. Complete Form and submit two weeks in advance of the event.
    2. No events are to be scheduled on Wednesdays or Sundays.
    3. Upon approval, copies of the completed form must be submitted to offices indicated.
    AP - Student Activities
    Faculty/Staff Travel Form
    (Retrieve from the 
    Associate Principal's 
    This form is intended for all travel purposes.
    1. Two week notice to school Principal is required (10 school days).
    2. Complete a Faculty/Staff Request Form from Principal's secretary.
    3. If a suburban is needed, complete Bus/Suburban Request from Budget Office and attach to the Faculty/Staff Form.
    4. Approval and Signatures required on Faculty/Staff Form (Department Chair, Budget Principal, Principal Signature).
    5. Upon Approval from Principal and at least 5 days before the departure date: Verify that you have a substitute with the Office of School Attendance. Verify Transportation with Budget Office.
    Field Trip Request Form
    (Retrieve from the
    Associate Principal's
    This form is intended for all travel purposes.
    1. Two week notice to school principal is required (10 school days)
    2. Complete an Extracurricular/Field Trip Request Form from the Principal's secretary.
    3. Complete and attach a list of student names and IDs using the Field Trip Student List Template.
    4. Deliver the student list to the AP for Attendance in person.
    5. If a suburban is needed, complete a Bus/Suburban request from Budget Office and attach to the Faculty/Staff Request Form
    6. Approval and Signatures required on Faculty/Staff form: Department Chair, Budget Office, and Principal
    7. Upon approval from Principal and at least 5 days before the departure date.
    8. Department Chair signature (Coaches: Dept. Chair & Athletics). Verify that you have a substitute with the Office of School Attendance. Verify Transportation with the Budget Office.
    Field Trip Permission Slip Each student participating in the Field Trip will need a completed permission slip for the trip. Sponsor or Teacher
    Field Trip Student List Template
    To be used with the Field Trip Request Form (above). Principal
    Fund Raising Application & Financial Recap Complete the form and submit to the AP for Student Activities for approval. After the fundraiser, complete the financial recap section and submit to the Bookkeeper. Bookkeeper
    Graphic Design and Print Services  Requests for design and print services must be processed according to the procedures listed at: http://www.hcisd.org/Page/15761    CTE Dept Chair 
    K9 Request Form* If you would like to request a K-9 presentation for your students, PTSA, or other organization, or if you are planning a field trip and would like the dog to search bags and the bus, please fill out the information and fax it to 430-9507. AP - Student Activities
    Key Acknowledgment Form Form is to be completed upon issuance of school keys. AP - Student Activities
    Maintenance Request Form (In House) Complete form when requesting any work to be done by a custodian or other maintenance personnel. AP - Student Activities
    Public Relations Approval Form Public Relations Approval Form - approval for guest speakers. AP - Student Activities 
    Pass/Fail Form Complete form with appropriate signatures and return to the appropriate counselor. AP - Scheduling
    Pre-Authorization Form 
    (for Activity Fund)
    Form to document any pre-authorized purchases with a sponsor's personal credit card to be reimbursed at a later time.  The Sponsor reimbursement request should be submitted to the principal within one week.  Bookkeeper
    Request for Absence Form
    Instructions for Leave Request
    For unplanned absences, continue to use AESOP. Use this form for planned events such as personal business, staff development requests, or jury duty.
    1. Obtain department chair signature before submitting to the principal's secretary.
    2. Check back with the secretary before your leave to be sure that the absence has been approved.
    Requisition for Ordering Supplies Use this form for ordering supplies. Submit Form to your department chair. Department chairs will submit to the Budget office upon approval. Budget Office
    Social Networking Policy,
    Board Policy & Principal Approval
    The Policy outlines the guidelines for teacher and/or class and/or club use of social networking media.  Completion of the approval form, a teacher's supervisor' signature, and submission of the form is required. Principal
    Student Activity
    Accounting Manual*
     Accounting Procedures Manual. Bookkeeper, AP - Student Activities
    Student Cash Receipt Form Students are required to sign this form upon receiving cash funds. Budget Office
    Suburban Request Form Complete form prior to requesting a suburban for extracurricular events. Suburban must be returned with a full tank of gas. Receipt attached from a Harlingen area Gas Station. Complete a reimbursement form for the gas. Principal
    TAC How-Tos Links to common TAC questions, including Report Cards and IPRs. AP - Scheduling
    Teacher Handbook
    Acknowledgment Form

    During the first week of employment at South, complete the form yearly and submit to this office. Associate Principal
    Textbook Transfer Form (sample) Duplicate form can be obtained in secretary's office. Indicate the ISBN number of the textbook that is being requested. AP - Student Activities
    Travel Guidelines* Check this page for updated information. Budget Office
    Travel - Overnight Once the Field Trip Form has been approved by the Principal's office, complete this requisition form.
    1. Attach Documentation of Hotel Cost.
    2. Documentation to support registration fee(s) and the date(s) must be attached.
    3. Documentation of the Federal Rate Schedule for the Hotel per diem backup must be attached.  http://www.gsa.gov
    4. Obtain the Department Chair's signature (Coaches need the signature of the Department Chair and Athletic Director).
    5. Obtain final approval from the Principal's office.
    6. Travel requests should be submitted within 2 weeks of the trip.
    7. All original receipts must be submitted within 5 days of the event.
    8. Each student must sign the Student Cash Receipt Form.
    Budget Office
    Travel - Overnight Expense Voucher This expense report must be completed in order to receive reimbursements.  Attach a copy of the mileage report. Budget Office
    Travel - Same Day Follow the same procedures as Travel - Overnight listed above. Budget Office
    Travel - Same Day Expense Voucher This expense report must be completed in order to receive reimbursements.  Attach a copy of the mileage report. Budget Office
    Video Approval Form Required of all videos shown on campus.  Visit the Administrative Guidelines for Electronic Use for additional information.  The Approval Form is on page 3.  The Teacher's Department Chair must grant approval before a video is shown in class. ILC
    Webpage Requests Form to be used when submitting website requests.
    AP - Student Activities
     *District Resource