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Teacher Observation Resources

General Information

The goal of the teacher observation component of a district’s local teacher designation system is to ensure that teacher observation ratings are…
  • Accurately reflect the true effectiveness of each teacher
  • Correlated with student growth data
  • Evaluations across the district are consistent regardless of the appraiser, campus, subject or grade level
HCISD will continue to use T-TESS to measure teacher effectiveness. 
Teacher Handbook T-TESS Rubric Performance Standards
Domain 1
Domain 2
Domain 3
Learning Environment
Domain 4
Professional Practices and Responsibilities
Teaching & Learning Framework (TLF) Lead 4 Ward Instructional Strategies Playlist (All) Benefits of Greeting Students Educators Code of Ethics
TLF Video lead4ward Sentence Frames-Thinking Stems Ask 3 Before Me Employee Handbook
Planning Transformational Lessons lead4ward Sentence Frames-Thinking Stems (Spanish) Classroom Management Strategies Teacher Self Reflection
What are the 4 Cs? What is Differentiation? Student Motivation  
Planning for Assessment Differentiated Instruction for Reading Classroom Decor Checklist  
Formative Assessment Strategies      
lead4ward quickchecks      
Note: Utilizing a particular resource or strategy does not indicate that a dimension is being addressed. The teacher or administrator must examine the level of rigor at which the strategy is incorporated.