Financial Transparency & Accountability

The Business Office's mission statement is to serve as support staff to our campuses and departments while maintaining accountability throughout the District and managing the District's public funds and assets transparently. Our office strives to maintain a high level of accountability and transparency on all of our financial transactions to ensure adequate resources for our students' educational needs.

Business Office Contact Information:
Julio C. Cavazos, Chief Financial Officer
Ramon Mendoza, Administrator for Business Services
Antonio Gracia, Purchasing Director
Ida Ambriz, Accounting Director
Terry Martinez, Payroll Director
Olga Garcia, Data Systems Director
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Property Tax Rates:
Current Year:
2017 Fiscal Year M&O 1.170 I&S .14800 = $1.31800 Total

Prior Years:
2016 Fiscal Year M&O 1.17 I&S .14800 = $1.318000 Total
2015 Fiscal Year M&O 1.04 I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total
2014 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04 I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total
2013 Fiscal Year: M&O 1.04 I&S .17800 = $1.218000 Total
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