Overview of HCISD Athletics

The Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District (HCISD) has established itself as having an extremely competitive, highly recognized and well-respected athletic department. This reputation for excellence took the diligent efforts of coaches, student/athletes, parents, and community supporters, as well as the support and encouragement of an outstanding administration.


Athletics provides wholesome opportunities for students to develop positive leadership habits and positive social and group interaction.  The athletic program should always be consistent with the general objectives of the school district and have as its primary purpose the enhancement of education opportunities for students and the development of well-rounded individuals, capable of taking their places in society.  The athletic program contributes to school spirit and helps the students develop pride in both their school and community


HCISD offers a well-balanced, comprehensive athletic program consisting of two comprehensive 6A high schools and five middle schools. Sports offered are:  Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track & Field, Golf, Tennis, Swimming & Diving, Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Power Lifting, Water Polo, 6th Grade Pre-Athletics.




Higher grade point averages, higher standardized test scores,

higher graduation rates than non-athletes. 



 Higher attendance rates and are less likely to drop out than non-athletes. 



Following directions on the field translates to following directions in the classroom.  Athletes have fewer discipline referrals than non-athletes.



Athletes are less likely to use drugs, smoke cigarettes and more likely to disapprove of others using them. 

Female high school athletes are 80% less likely to become pregnant, increased body image, academic performance and sustain positive relationships.



Participation in sports is related to development of stronger leadership skills, ability to work in teams, demonstrate more confidence and self- respect. 

 95% of C-suite executives of the top 75 Fortune 500 companies played high school sports.