Teacher Access Center

Teacher Access Center (TAC) is a browser-based student information system that allows you to view and record information about the students for whom you are responsible. Information is available in a variety of areas: Attendance, Grading, Student Success Plan, and more.
Only students not in class at the time attendance is taken should be marked absent. All teachers are required to view the 2022 Student Attendance Guidelines for Teachers video located below.   

Please click on the chair icon (  TAC_chair  ) to take attendance.

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TAC Log In - Secondary
TAC Log in - Access from Home Only
2023 Student Attendance Guidelines for Teachers
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Teacher Access Center
No Shows - 1st Day Procedure
Submitting Attendance
Correcting an Absence
2022 Teacher Guidelines for Attendance

eSchoolPLUS v4.0 System Requirements
Client System Requirements
Browser Versions for eSchoolPLUS Core, Teacher Access Center, Home Access Center

The following are the current certified browser versions for V.4.0:
  • Internet Explorer 10 or 11
  • Firefox – current release plus 4 prior versions *
  • Safari – current release plus 1 prior version *
  • Chrome – current release plus 4 prior versions *
Teacher Access Center documentation: