Asthma Care

Students with asthma should submit an annual Asthma Action Plan signed by the physician and parent. Students who require medication at school (either inhaler or nebulizer) must submit Medication Authorization Forms to the school nurse. These forms must be completed each school year. It is also helpful for parents to complete the Asthma Questionnaire, as it allows the campus nurse to plan individualized care for each student.

The 77th Texas Legislature enacted House Bill 1688, which amends the Education Code to entitle a student with asthma to possess and self-administer prescription asthma medication while on school property or at a school-related event or activity. The bill specified the conditions under which a student is entitled to possess and self-administer asthma medication. 

A student with asthma may possess and self-administer prescription medicine while on school property or at a school-related event or activity if the following conditions are met:

  1. the prescription medicine has been prescribed for that student as indicated by the prescription label on the medicine;
  2. the student has demonstrated to the student's physician or other licensed health care provider and the school nurse, the skill level necessary to self-administer the prescription medication, including the use of any device required to administer the medication;
  3. the self-administration is done in compliance with the prescription or written instructions from the student's physician or other licensed health care provider; and
  4. a parent of the student provides to the school a written authorization, signed by the parent and licensed health care provider on the Authorization for Self-Administration Formstating
    • that the student has asthma or anaphylaxis and is capable of self-administering the prescription medicine;
    • the name and purpose of the medicine;
    • the prescribed dosage for the medicine;
    • the times at which or circumstances under which the medicine may be administered; and
    • the period for which the medicine is prescribed.
  5. The physician's statement must be kept on file in the office of the school nurse of the school the student attends or, if there is not a school nurse, in the office of the principal of the school the student attends.

Please note that a student requiring medication for sports must also register the medication with the school nurse.