Diabetes Care

It is important that parents of students with diabetes communicate fully with the school nurse about the student’s needs in order to achieve the best student outcomes.  If possible, plan to meet with the nurse prior to the beginning of the school year or before the first day of attendance for students who start later in the school year.
The following forms are required each school year for all students with diabetes: 
1. The HCISD Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP), signed by the parent and physician, or equivalent plan from student's physician. This plan must include specific orders for insulin pump therapy, if applicable.
2. The HCISD Authorization to Administer Medication Form for insulin, glucagon and other required medications.
3. The Authorization for Administration of Diabetes Management and Care Services by Unlicensed Diabetes Care Assistant (UDCA) Form.
*If a parent declines authorization for UDCA care in the absence of the campus nurse, the parent will be responsible for all care in the event that the campus nurse is not available. 
House Bill No. 984 (Care of the Student with Diabetes) enacted in 2005, specifies that each school train one (1) unlicensed diabetes care assistant (UDCA), if a full-time nurse is assigned to the school. In order to protect the safety and health of students, HCISD has chosen to have a minimum of two (2) UDCAs trained at each campus, in addition to the nurse. Training of the UDCAs is provided under the supervision of a health care professional with expertise in the care of persons with diabetes. The UDCAs will provide diabetes management and care services if the nurse is unavailable. Such services include, but are not limited to, the administration of insulin, or in an emergency, the administration of glucagon.