Welcome to HCISD Grants!

In a time when innovation and creative instructional programing is on the rise, HCISD is constantly seeking and implementing grant based funds both district wide and campus based. HCISD grants have allowed for projects such as the remodel of the Automotive Shop at HHS to align to industry standard, the implementation of a comprehensive afterschool program (ACE) at ten of our campuses, the district-wide integration of technology in both Pre-K and Kindergarten, the incorporation of special  projects and initiatives. For the 2018-2019 school year HCISD has been awarded $2,461,500 in competitive grant funds. If you are interested in applying for a grant for HCISD please contact Dr. Jessica Hruska at Included below are the current grants being implemented in HCISD.



JET Grant - $117,000

Sprint 1 Million Grant- $200,000

21st Century Grant- $1,500,000

GEAR UP Grant- $ 570,000

TLPG Grant- $100,000




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