Parent Access Center

 The Parent/Student - Home Access Center system is an internet portal for parents/guardians/students. Parents/guardians/students will be able to access schedules, attendance, progress reports, report cards, and class work information. The system also provides e-mail links to classroom teachers for easy communication.
Parent Access Center


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    • Provides parents and students with a daily summary page of student information
    • Features schedule, attendance, and classwork
    • Allows students to view their own records in the system to help keep them informed about their progress




    • Engages parents via an Internet parental portal, connecting them with the classroom and providing them with relevant and timely information to support/direct their children
    • Helps open a consistent avenue of parent-teacher communication
    • Creates stronger connections between students, parents, teachers, and administrators
    • Empowers students to actively take a role in their progress and future

Help Documents


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Home Access Center features. How do I log in, how do I reset my password, and how do I change my email address are among the questions answered in this document.


Note:  A student's classwork average may include assignment/test scores that are not visible due to the lag time between inputting scores and publishing those scores to the Home Access Center.