Dr. Alicia Noyola Bio

Dr. Noyola

With a heart for student-centered education and a diversity of experiences in both teaching and administrative roles, Dr. Alicia Noyola has served in public education for more than 30 years. Many of those years have been dedicated to Harlingen CISD.


Her experience at HCISD began as a seventh-grade math teacher at Coakley Middle School in 1997. She later became a principal at Vela Middle School, where she served from 2005-2013. Before being selected as HCISD Superintendent of Schools in 2021, Dr. Noyola served eight years as Chief Academic Officer. In that role, she planned, implemented, and evaluated instructional programs with teachers and principals, directed the development of programs and methods for the establishment of standards and performance, and served as a senior advisor to the previous superintendent, among many other responsibilities.


Her unique background and varied experiences have cultivated a strong and motivational leadership style that inspires students, parents, faculty and staff, administrators, and community and business leaders.


Dr. Noyola has made an impact in K-12 and post-secondary level education. Before beginning her career at HCISD, she held positions such as Director of Student Teaching and Field Experience, Adjunct Lecturer, and Dean of Instruction.


Her education consists of a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Texas-Pan American, a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas – Brownsville, and a doctoral degree from the University of Houston.


Dr. Noyola has volunteered many hours with organizations such as the American Cancer Association. She currently serves on the Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation board and the South Texas Emergency Care Foundation board.


Dr. Noyola is a Valley native and comes from a large family of nine siblings.