Board Members

We would like to invite you along on a journey to meet one of the best school boards in the Rio Grande Valley – The Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees.

The seven-member board is comprised of a diversified group of men and women with a broad range of experience in education, business, and volunteerism. We are especially grateful for all the Board of Trustees has accomplished for our schools, our students and our community.

To meet the members of our Board of Trustees, please click on a picture below.
B.Muniz J. DeLeon B.Reininger
Place 4 - EXP 2024
Vice President
Place -2-EXP 2023
Place 6 - EXP 2024
G. Powers N.Perez E.Jaimez Dr. Gina Cano Monreal
Place 3 - EXP 2025
Place 5 - EXP 2024
Place 7 - EXP 2025
Place 1 - EXP 2023