2015 Tax Ratification Election (TRE)
As our school district continues to experience growth in enrollment and improvement in academic achievement, Harlingen CISD must position itself to remain the district of choice with world-class facilities. In the spring of 2014, our district adopted the strategic plan, which included participation of over 800 school community members, as a course of action for our district for the next five years. As we approach our second year of implementation, we now extend our opportunity to strategically plan for HCISD’s future financial needs.
In response, voters will have the opportunity on September 12 to vote on a Tax Ratification Election or TRE, which was approved by the Harlingen CISD Board of Trustees during their regular board meeting held on July 14, 2015.

If passed, the TRE would generate approximately $5.8 million in state funds and another $4.2 million in local funds, bringing the annual total to $10 million. These additional funds would allow the district to address facility needs through replacements and upgrades without incurring debt.

All campuses will be impacted by upgrades, which will include:

·       New security systems at elementary campuses

·       Upgrades to existing security and public announcement systems

·       Two playgrounds for special needs students

·       Modernization of classrooms to align with strategic plan (i.e. furniture, digital learning tools and other instructional resources)

·       Technology infrastructure upgrades

·       Band/music instrument replacement plan

·       Upgrades to facility parking lots, heating/cooling systems (HVAC), lighting and roofing

·       Upgrades to multi-purpose buildings/gyms at elementary campuses

·       Additional classroom wings at Rodriguez/ Bonham/ Treasure Hills

·       Career and Technology classroom upgrades to industry standards

·       Early College HS facility upgrades

·       Upgrades to elementary playgrounds and replacement of outside water fountains

·       Upgrades to Varsity Baseball/Softball field restrooms, parking lots and bleachers

·       Treasure Hills structural roof repairs

·       Gutierrez, Coakley, Vela, HHS and HHSS JV Stadium track upgrades

·       Coakley outdoor restroom construction to align with district standards

·       HHSS and Vernon gym floor replacement and bleacher upgrades