Virtual ACE Frequently Asked Questions



1. Does my child need to be enrolled at an ACE campus to register for virtual ACE?
A.  ACE is only offered to students enrolled at the ten participating campuses.

2. My child is in life-skills, can they register for ACE?
A. Yes, all students enrolled at the ten ACE participating campuses are eligible.

3. Where do I register my child for ACE?
A. Registration will be completed online via numerous platforms such as our ACE Facebook page, main homepage, ACE coordinator Campus Page, and parent link.

4. When will the program start? Will I have to register for the Fall & Spring? If I do not register when registration opens can I register at a later time?
A. The ACE Program will start virtually on Tuesday, September 8th. You will only need to register in the Fall for the 2020-2021 school year. It is imperative to register at the beginning of programming due to the high volume of applicants registering resulting in unavailability to participate in ACE.

5. Does my child need to attend the first 4 weeks virtually in order to attend ACE the rest of the school year? Do we have to register our child for virtual ACE if we want them to participate for on-site ACE?
A. Parents are encouraged to register their child for ACE at the beginning of the school year and continue attending ACE for the duration of the school year due to limited availability. Campus availability for on-site learning will be based on administration’s rules and guidelines.

6. Will my child have a secure slot in ACE for the duration of the school year?
A. Each student is required by TEA to participate for a total of 45 days. If student is not an active participant, he/she may likely be removed due to not abiding by the guidelines.
7. How many days and how long does my child need to participate in classes? What is the attendance policy for the ACE program?
A. Because each of our enrichment programs are curriculum-based, it is vital that students enrolled in the program attend at least 45 days for at least 1 hour. Students with attendance of less than 80% (9 absences) may be taken off the enrollment list to open that spot for another student. Before this occurs, the Site Coordinator will contact the parent. Students who participate in ACE are expected to attend according to their registered schedule on a weekly basis. However, should an urgent matter arise such as: illness, family emergency, etc. the parent is responsible for notifying the ACE Coordinator prior to the start of programming that day.
8. Does my child need to attend every session/class and if so, how long do they have to participate for?
A. Class attendance and consistent participation is crucial to your child’s success in our program and building their skills. Classes are at least an hour but vary by campus. Your child is encouraged to participate in at least 1 class (rotation) per day (onsite or virtually). Failure to be compliant can lead to removal from the program.

9. Will parents be responsible for buying all items used in virtual classes?
A. No, should an activity be required for a class project, the supplies/material will be provided depending on the class.
10. Can my younger/older child follow along in the virtual class with my registered ACE child?
A. Siblings are encouraged to follow along as long as they do not become disruptive or distractive to the virtual learning environment. Supplies that may be required for the class will only be provided to the registered student.
11. What if I do not have internet or a device for my child? Can they still participate in ACE?
A. Elementary and Middle School ACE will be providing activity kits which will be distributed to families along with supplies. WIFI is accessible throughout the district for students who do not have internet access. Students are allowed to submit their assignments via email, phone, Seesaw platform, and Google classroom. If you have any questions submitting assignments for your child, please contact your Campus ACE Coordinator.
12. Can my child be in athletics and ACE?
A. Yes, ACE is flexible to the students’ after-school activities and can coordinate scheduling with Athletic Coach to ensure ACE participation is still met.
13. What are the dates that we will not have ACE?
A. ACE will follow the Academic School Year Calendar.

Virtual ACE Transition to On-Site ACE
14. Does ACE provide transportation after on-site programming?
A. During a normal running school year, ACE provided bus transportation to students within the campus zoned area. However, due to Covid-19, we will be enforcing CDC Guidelines this school year for safety when face to face programming begins.
15. Is there going to be a limit on the number of students that are accepted to the ACE program? How many students will be in each classroom when on-site learning begins?
A. Availability will vary by campus based on the class size and teachers. This number will be based on CDC Guidelines campus occupancy.
16. Is there going to be homework help offered as one of the classes?
A. Homework help will vary at each campus based on ACE Schedule.


Health & Safety
17. How is ACE going to work this year with students returning to school virtually? How will ACE work during the school year if we choose virtual learning for the first 9 weeks?
A. ACE will be running a Virtual Program for the duration of the school year, once the district transitions to face to face learning, students will have the option to participate in ACE on campus. There will be a limited amount for on-site learning once the campus reopens according to CDC Guidelines. HCISD Health & Safety Protocols.
18. What protocols are you enforcing for my child to be safe during the ACE program?
19. When On-site Learning begins, what is the earliest I can pick up my child/children?
A. Your child is required to participate in programming for at least one full scheduled rotation (time may vary by campuses).
20. If my child is exposed to COVID-19, who do I need to inform?
A. You will need to inform your campus administration and your ACE Coordinator. 
21. If my child is participating in virtual learning for the Fall semester, can he/she still participate in ACE? 
A. Yes, your child may participate in ACE through our online Google Classroom (Middle School) or the Seesaw Platform (Elementary) where he/she will be granted access to zoom activities and assignments that he/she will be participating in.

Learning Platforms/Schedules
23.  What online learning platform will be utilized for virtual Elementary & Middle School ACE programming?
A. Elementary ACE will be utilizing the Seesaw platform and Middle School ACE will be utilizing Google Classroom in alignment with Virtual Learning for HCISD.
24.   Will ACE be offering more classes than what is listed in the schedule?
A. ACE will introduce additional classes based on student attendance and campus needs.
25. What learning experience will my child receive in the ACE virtual program?
A. The HCISD ACE virtual program will be a duplicate of face to face intentional programming that provides adequate educational assistance along with enrichment activities that will enhance future endeavors.
26. If I select virtual learning pathway, must my child continue in participating in ACE virtually ONLY?
A. If you select virtual learning as your child’s pathway, your child will only have access to virtual ACE during that time. If at any time you decide to change your child’s pathway and space permits in your child’s assigned campus, your child will be able to attend ACE in person.


Parent Participation
27. How will parent involvement work this coming school year? How many parent sessions do we have to attend for the year? 
A. Attending a minimum of 2 informational sessions & 2 parent enrichment activities (On-site or Virtual) per year is recommended. We encourage you to attend as many if not all of them because they are set up with our parents and students in mind. Parent involvement is a requirement. Parents are required to actively participate virtually or on-site. ACE program coordinators will closely communicate with parents regarding the upcoming changes for this school year and any and all family engagement events that happen in your child’s assigned campus.

28. Who do I contact concerning my child in the ACE program?
A. Your first point of contact will be the ACE Site coordinator of your campus by phone call or by email. Please refer to the staff page for contact information.