LearnTX Podcast

LearnTX will inspire continuous learning by fulfilling the desire and joy of acquiring new knowledge.
Season 3
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Customer Service - Episode 3 - by Guest Vera Uribe Length:  13:27Click here for Reflection  
Attitude of Gratitude - Episode 2 - by Guest Monica Alvarado  Length:  15:14Click here for Reflection  
Fostering a Love of Learning - Episode 1 - by Guest Alexandra Cornejo   Length:  24:47Click here for Reflection  
LearnTX is a culmination of various efforts highlighting HCISD's talent. Organizational Development worked in conjunction with the office of Public Relations/Community Engagement. Additionally, students played a primary role in recording and editing the podcast.
Logo: Cierra Morrisey, a former Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration student at Harlingen High School South, conceptualized and designed the new Learn TX logo. Her logo was the winner out of thirteen logos submitted as part of a class competition. Her process started with a client interview via Skype, after which a creative brief was developed together with her classmates. Students then brainstormed many ideas by researching other visuals and sketching thumbnails. After selecting her favorite layout, Cierra scanned her refined illustration and then digitized it using Adobe Illustrator. Her digital logo went through several revisions before the final one was prepared in various sizes and file types.