Calendar FAQ's

July 20, 2020
1. Q. Why was the calendar changed? July 20, 2020
A. The Cameron County Judge and Cameron County Health Director issued a public health order requiring all public and private schools in Cameron County to delay In-Person, Face-To-Face instruction.
2. Q. How was it developed and voted on? July 20, 2020
A. Two calendar options were developed in collaboration with the district’s Calendar Committee and with input from our District Educational Improvement Committee officers, Teacher Advisory Committee officers, City Council PTA officers, and the 2019 & 2020 Teacher of the Year representatives. Calendar options were voted on by campus-based staff.
3. Q. What resources are available to prepare for the start of school July 20, 2020
A. An HCISD Virtual Academy will be launched in August to help prepare parents, students and staff for the start of school. More information on this will be released soon.
4. Q. Will HCISD consider a plan for a gradual reentry of students and staff? July 20, 2020
A. Yes, HCISD is currently studying safe and effective transition process for students and staff.
5. Q. Have the holidays changed for the 2020-2021 school year? July 20, 2020
A. Student holidays have not changed.
For general questions regarding our Pathway to Reopening plan please email us at