Re-Entry Plan



On Thursday, September 17th the HCISD Board of Trustees approved the submission of an extended transition waiver to the Texas Education Agency.  
After careful consideration and discussing plans with multiple layers of the school community including City Council PTA officers and PTA presidents from all the campuses, teachers, administrators, the HCISD Board of Trustees, and the Pathway to Re-opening Task Force, HCISD will implement a four-week re-entry plan for students that chose face-to-face and hybrid pathways. HCISD will gradually transition students back to school beginning October 5th. 
In this re-entry plan for parents that chose the face-to-face or hybrid pathway students will gradually return to school based on specific criteria.  This re-entry plan will allow students to adapt to protocols put in place to keep our HCISD family safe. We encourage our parents and students to view our Pathway to Reopening Health and Safety Protocols before returning to school.

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