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Academic Advisement HeaderHarlingen CISD is committed to college and career readiness and believes academic advising is a collaborative educational process whereby students and their counselors are partners in meeting the essential learning outcomes, ensuring student academic success, and outlining the steps for achievement of the students' personal, academic, and career goals. This counselor/student partnership requires participation and involvement of both the counselor and the student as it is built over the student's entire educational experience at Harlingen CISD. The academic advisement role of the school counselor is:

  • To help students reflect on academic and professional goals.
  • To help students become aware of steps necessary to reach academic and professional goals.
  • To direct students to needed support services.
  • To help students understand the advisement process.
  • To help students understand requirements for graduation.
  • To assist students in planning for post-secondary endeavors.

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