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HCISD’s new campus for PreK-4 students
HCISD is expanding its early childhood education with a new specialty campus. The Early Childhood Academy, opening in Fall 2022, will provide students with the same strong foundational skills that can be obtained in any of HCISD’s prekindergarten classrooms but in a unique environment focused on the individual needs of our youngest learners.

The Early Childhood Academy will feature outdoor learning spaces, various parental engagement activities, and afterschool enrichment opportunities to allow our PreK-4 students to build their social and emotional skills and learn math, science, language, and art through purposeful play and an engaging curriculum.

Outdoor Learning Spaces
-Beautiful and creative outdoor learning areas that incorporate math, science, language, and art through purposeful play
Unique Curriculum
- Engaging lessons that positively impact the long-term academic success of our students
Parental Engagement
-Empowering families as they support their child’s academic development
Caring and Supportive Environment
- Fostering a learning environment where students feel safe, loved, and supported
One-Grade Campus
-School is specially designed by early childhood experts to meet the needs of PreK-4 students
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