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HCISD is continuously updating its comprehensive safety plan. This plan is made up of many layers that when combined with detailed protocols and procedures, work together to create a culture of safety within our schools. 


Security Fencing at All Campuses

  • Designed and configured depending on campus layout.
  • One of various security layers that reinforces the outer perimeters as well as directing visitor traffic to designated controlled access points to each campus.

Controlled Access Visitor Entry Points

  • Campus visitor doors are equipped with Card Reader Access Control technology.
  • Visitor video enabled call boxes assist in verifying authorized guests prior to entry.

Exterior and Interior Camera Surveillance Systems

  • External cameras installed at all campuses for enhanced surveillance of exterior spaces.
  • Security video recordings capture any activity during school hours as well as after-hours.
  • Ongoing assessment to determine best placement, monitoring, and/or upgrades/replacements.

First Responder Key Access 

  • Emergency access master keys to be supplied to local law enforcement

Safety Screening of All Visitors

  • Software solution installed at all instructional campuses.
  • Screening of all visitors against the Tx DPS Sex Offender Registry.
  • Custom alerts can also be programmed as need by campus administrators.

Automatic Locking Doors 

  • All campus classrooms have been equipped with self-locking doors.
  • Case studies and research has found that the simple act of having a locked classroom door is a proven and effective measure to enhance safety for students and staff, in the event of an active threat.

Mental Health:

Safe and Supportive Schools Program

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management provides an evidence-based approach toward identifying students or other individuals who pose a threat, intervening with appropriate resources, and ultimately improving the safety and well-being of the individual of concern and all concerned.
  • HCISD has established Threat Assessment Teams to review and assess any identified threatening behavior to determine level of concern and any appropriate interventions.
  • The key focus is early intervention as a coordinated effort involving a multi-disciplinary team approach; not only to identify threats, but to also provide needed mental health support for students in need of these resources.

Counseling Services Available Year-Round

  • Crisis intervention and counseling services are provided by HCISD Counselors at all campuses.
  • Summer mental health counseling services are also made available to all students.
  • LPC services are available to students after hours.

Character Education Curriculum

  • QuaverEd at elementary level
  • Character Strong at secondary level

STOPit - Anonymous bullying and suspicious activity reporting app

  • Anti-Bullying application allows students and community members to anonymously report safety or misconduct concerns to help others.
  • Application also helps to connect the user with a Crisis Counselor for mental health support services.

Handle with Care Program - Trauma support system for children

  • Is a collaboration between local law enforcement and HCISD to ensure that students exposed to adverse childhood experiences at home or outside of school setting receive trauma-informed supports services when they return to the educational environment.

Social workers available to all students

  • Tropical Texas Behavioral Health
  • Palms Behavioral Health

Crisis Management:

Standard Response Protocol (SRP) - Organized response to situations

  • TxSSC recommended best practice safety protocol system for standardized campus response actions to emergency situations.
  • SRP has been shared with local first responders in order to facilitate a comprehensive and coordinated emergency response plan.

Standard Reunification Method

  • Account for everyone- teachers and staff confirm status and location of themselves and students.
  • First responders and other authorized users know each student and staff condition and location during an emergency.
  • Reunification – safely reunifying students with approved guardians.

Raptor Drill Manager System: Hold, Secure, Lockdown, Shelter, Evacuate, Fire Drill Trainings

School Resource Officers/ School Officers

  • HCISD has adopted a blended approach to provide security and/or SRO presence at District campuses.
  • All School Resource Officers and In-house security staff receive training specifically structured for the school-based environment.
  • HCISD is continuing to assess overall program for any needed modifications or improvements.

Stop the Bleed/ Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) Stations

  • These emergency first aid systems have been installed at each HCISD campus.
  • Training is provided to staff on a recurring annual basis.

Safety and Security Audits

  • Mandated by State Statute
  • Completed every 3 years
  • Covers all educational and support facilities
  • Partnership with Region One Consultant


Cameron County Emergency Management

  • Regular meetings involving emergency management and first responders from Cameron County region.

Local First Responder Coordination Meetings

  • Harlingen Police Department
  • Primera Police Department
  • Combes Police Department
  • Harlingen Fire Department

Parent Guardian Notification System (Blackboard communications)

  • SRP Activation Notifications
  • Student and Curriculum Updates

HCISD Website (www.hcisd.org)

  • “For Parents” webpage
  • STOPit App

Campus radio system

District-wide employee training

For more information, visit www.hcisd.org/safety 

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